Top Home-Business Tip for Your Long-Term Success

You know this video will likely explain it all:

But if it doesn’t answer everything for you, let’s continue the conversation right here.

The truth is that there’s a lot of garbage out there in internet land.  A lot of BS.  And a a lot of posers.  And unfortunately if you’re just getting started out in business, you may start following somebody who says they have all the answers when, really, it’s just a good ole case of the blind leading the blind.

Now the outstanding remedy for this (if you’ve been susceptible to it) is to be “inwardly directed person.”  I believe it was the distinguished psychologist Rollo May who coined that term.  But what it essentially means is that rather than being at the effect of something outside of yourself, you ARE the effect!

That you create your destiny from the roots to the fruits as T. Harv Eker would say.

Now, is that to say that you shouldn’t take some sage advice from people other than yourself?


But it is to say that you should be the primary guidance system and the outside advice should represent the maps to new ways of doing and accomplishing things.  Sometimes you ARE astray and you need the redirection provided by others.  But be prudent.

Especially in a space such as home-business or internet marketing (my space and yours too), it is an imperative that you be internally sound and strong.  As I said, there are SO many forces trying to pull you this way and that and you’ve got to decide what you decide to listen to and follow.

Think of it like this:

You’re an entrepreneur, right?  Consider yourself an astronaut.  You’re going to the outer reaches of commonly known human consciousness and possibility and are leaving the orbit of normality.  Now, like any astronaut you’re going to have to deal with g-forces and the law of “an object in motion tends to remain in motion until acted upon by another force”.  You’re internal guidance system is going to be required to stabilize and purposefully effect your destiny when life gets crazy (as it inevitably will when your testing the outer limits of what’s possible).

With no internal directive, you’ll simply be spinning around space disoriented… as many an unfortunate newbie entrepreneur is loathe to do.

So remember, even while you will always have outside forces vying for your attention (some good, some bad), it must all start and stop with you.

Your success depends on it.

And when you strike that balance of listening to yourself and harmonizing with the positive forces around you, you can stare down at the beautiful planet from which you’ve come and then shift your focus and see beyond it to horizons previously beyond your imagining, until now.


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