The Only Kind of Posture That Matters

When you look around the business industry, whether it’s network marketing, corporate structures, or real estate, one thing stands out above all else:


You see, posture is the primary determining factor in whether or not you exert influence over a situation.  And how much influence you exert over a situation will ultimately determine your success in moving forward.  So, really, for all of us following the path of constant economic independence, it behooves us to understand posture in our business.

But here’s the tricky bit.

If you want to establish long term success, respect, and credibility you must actually mean what you say and practice what you preach.  The “fake it til you make it” approach can work, but for only so long.

Have you ever followed the advice of someone who spoke so confidently about their expertise, yet after a couple months or a year you realized what they were saying was not the most current valid guidance?  Well, that’s an example of posturing that fails and can’t sustain.

It’s easy to be an expert.  Simply posture correctly.
But eventually the truth will out.

Then there are those individuals whose posture comes from a sincere desire to contribute to others.  This kind of posture is the easiest because it doesn’t stem from a mask of professionalism, but rather from the person themselves.  This type of person will wear their heart on their sleeves for you to see.  Transparent.  Forthright.  Sincere.


So, while you may hear the word “posture” thrown about in our business, always remember that the only kind that is really worth developing is that which seeks contribution to others through the development of the self.


  1. Natalie Allen says

    I hadn´t thought about the word posture in these terms before, but I agree with what you say, especially against the “fake it till you make it” way of scalating.

    • Jason says

      Yeah, definitely important to be aware and wary of the two types of posturing going on in online business (or anything for that matter). Glad you found value in the article!

  2. alwaysarocker says

    Isn’t it tough to understand whether the person wants to genuinely contribute only by his/her posture? It’s more important to listen to the words being spoken.

    A person with poor posture could be giving valuable inputs, while the super confident person could be talking vague stuff, as you mentioned.

    Understanding a person’s consistency would be based more on the words he says, instead of on the way he appears, right?

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