Sacrificing Who You Are For What You Will Become

It’s a dangerous game isn’t it?

Waking up each day like the one before, plodding through life performing the same menial tasks and feeling a chilly emptiness within.  The truth is, it is far more dangerous to go through life without growing than it is to stick you neck out and seek adventure and progress.  Unfortunately we’ve been so programmed in our society to be risk averse that you may not find one man or woman in a thousand who is doing it.  You may not see or hear one person in 10,000 who is passionately following his or her dreams.

I get it, I understand:  They’re scared.

But that’s no excuse!

Granted, we’ve inherited a biology of fear because it saved us from being eaten back in the caveman days.  But today, how many things are likely to kill you at any given moment?

Not many!

And certainly far, far, far less than at any other time in human history.  So, the question is, what purpose does your fear serve for you now?  What benefits does it confer?  What strengths does it give to you?

The answer: None.

Actually, the reverse is true.  In our society the ones who really find success are the ones who are willing to stick their necks out and even if it does get chopped off, they realize that society is virtual, not a true eat or be eaten realtiy.  The beautiful thing about advancing your position in our society is that you can get beheaded a thousand times, you can fail a thousand times, and still you can play the game and win.

So get this antiquated idea that if you speak your mind, that if you test that idea, if you decide to be more than you are currently being that you will die; get that idea out of your mind.  The lions are in your head.  The killers are in your head.  The prison guards are in your head.  And you must get outside of your head if you want to achieve your dreams and realize your vision in this lifetime.

Truthfully, that’s the only thing that can stop you.  You stalling, you inhabiting regions of fear within your own mind, curling up in a corner or giving yourself sheet therapy.  When you get out there’s no going back.  And when you realize there’s no going back there is only one way for your life to progress:  Forward.

So rise to the challenge, insulate and form your dreams, decide what shape you want your life to take and then, only then, leave your imprint on the world as a new creature:

That which you chose to become.

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