On the Mountaintop

Funny thing, this thing called success.

If you look around you right now, you’ll start to notice that everything has meaning, everything represents something greater than just itself.  It’s that fact that signifies your entrance into greatness.

As you look around you’ll see the objects of your life, the bookshelves (the books on them), the coffee shop (the people inside it), the chair (the one you thought was best), etc. etc.  And the beautiful thing is that you’re the one who decided to fill their life with these objects.  You’re the one who, whether consciously or un-, that you deserved this scenario.

And why is that beautiful?

Because it means your reality is malleable.  It’s based on your expectation of what you ought to have.


Perhaps the most important concept related to any major transformation in a person’s life.

Did you ever have people in school growing up who were “bullies” and would put down other kids, telling them that the would never amount to anything and always be a loser?  I did too, but it wasn’t the bullies that were interesting to watch.  It was the kids responses to what the bullies said.

You see, some of the kids would sink down, you’d see their body language change, and you’d know that the bully’s words had gotten to them.  And then right next to those same kids would be others who would stand tall, chest out, eyes determined and defiant and they would go on an become champions.

Champions of writing, champions of tennis, champions of acting, champions of debate.

Their success was determined by their perspective on their own deservability.  They decided to surround themselves not just with objects such as beautiful restaurants, furnishings, and friends.  No, they decided to surround themselves with the precursor to all those great features and benefits of their lives:

Thoughts and expectations of their worthiness.

So, my question to you is, are you willing to take a leap (a very short one), and acknowledge yourself for your greatness?

Are you willing to feel the invigorating air of your own inspiration and jump off the cliff of your doubt and fly?

Are you man or woman enough to feel the fear and do it anyway?

When you are, I’ll meet you on the mountaintop.  See you in a sec.

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