Different – And Damn Proud!

You know, it always was a travesty growing up and fearing the dreaded “D” word:


Do you remember?

You were supposed to fit into a certain category that others could recognize and define, that you yourself could reference if your identity ever got questioned.  And even if you were “alternative” in dress, taste, or style – still you knew what your relation to the social hierarchy was and remained to be.

Now, the biggest problem I see with this scenario is that it inhibits personal growth.

When you always have to know exactly who you are in relation to others, instead of who you are in relation to yourself or your higher power, any changes will necessarily be superficial.

The marriage, the cars, the job, the business, the causes, will be disconnected from
the core identity of the individual.  This is the difference between being a passive viewer of life
and an active participant in life.

You see, even if you have all of the outward success in the world you still may be a
passive viewer if you haven’t hooked up the cables between your true self and the
outer materials manifest in your life.

So, how do you break free (especially if you’re unaware that you’re even playing this silly little game)?

First things first.  Sit down, get quiet, and tune into the natural frequency of your true being.

Sound a little hokey?  Yeah, that’s because it IS different, and you are too!

Really flesh out your feelings as you go through mind movies of what feels good as you
imagine all of the places you want to be and the things you want to do.  Imagine yourself
in a multitude of situations and how they make you feel.

Are you at your daughter’s softball game cheering her on and going out for pizza afterward?

Are you in Sudan with an aid group learning the culture and helping a society in need of uplifting?

Are you making love to your mate and then holding each other close as you read books or share
your most intimate stories?

How do you feel in all of these situations?

I really encourage you to not only visualize, but put yourself smack dab in the middle of these
scenarios you are imagining.  And then actually put yourself in them!

Sounds simple, right?

That’s because it is!

Being different may lead to ridicule, alienation, and misunderstanding…

But who cares!  In life, do you want to thrive or survive?

You can survive in a fight or flight conditioning of others’ opinions, or you
can thrive and fly high on the wings of your own faith that in the end you
are the creator of your destiny, the progenitor of your own life, and the magnet
of your own tribe of like-minded peers.

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