A Commitment to Momentum

You know, it’s not so much about working hard as it is letting life work hard for you!

Perhaps you’ve heard the business principle that goes along similar lines:

“Don’t work hard for your money, make your money work hard for you.”

It’s solid advice in a world where your creative expression and contribution to the world ought to be paramount.  However all too often we hear individuals saying things like, “I can’t make that kind of money, do you know how hard that would be?” or “Well, that person just got lucky” or “But they were born rich.”

And aren’t we all born rich!

However, what people with these kinds of attitudes are really saying is they’ve chosen to bow their heads and stubbornly ignore the flood of opportunities that immerse us each and every moment of daily life; no matter the “current” circumstances, which are just that:  current, passing.  What they’re really saying is that they believe they’re not as valuable as other people and that they are one of the “unfortunates” of the world.

And how right they are for “believing is seeing.”

That’s why attitude is so critical to the successes or failures of men and women everywhere.  You see, attitude is not merely a hokey idea to get you motivated, it is pure and simple the means by which you can discern the buried treasure in every day life.  A person with a piss-poor attitude will kick and curse the tumbleweed just above the vault of gold while the optimistic, opportunity-minded individual will simply remove it and start digging.

Similarly, where one individual will say that life must be difficult, the other says that it should be easy.  And so the entire approach to earning a living is irreconcilably different.  The way of earning income will demonstrate the attitude.  The one who believes there is more to life than grinding it out until death will create cash flow that operates whether they are present or not.  The money will work for them.  The one who believes life is pain and struggle will invariably seek and file themselves into job positions that allow one to live a minimum lifestyle at best.  They will work for the money.

And so, what is momentum really, in terms of your success?

Well, here’s my definition: The awareness of opportunity and the willingness to go for it in spite of fear.

Plain and simple.

That’s the difference between success and failure in our society.  Now that you know what it really means and what it really takes to realize your dreams, what decision have you made right now this instant to begin executing plans on your vision?

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    All too often the default mode is to avoid risk and play it safe, and although there is no loss there is assuredly and absolutely no gain. Likewise, the overly cautious tend to be self-involved and hide their fears behind groundless self righteousness, and all of these no-risk behaviors and attitudes make them the least likely to be offered increased responsibility and the challenges that lead to upward mobility. I agree with the blog article that a fearless attitude is crucial to being receptive to any opportunity for success.

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