The Bow and Arrow In Your Business

bow and arrow in business

This is fascinating, mostly because it’s seldom discussed in business. Going within is far more profitable than going without.  Unfortunately, we’re all pretty much taught that we must push and push and push in order to be successful in our endeavors, whatever they might be.  The idea that tapping into an “invisible” internal resource could […]

Top Home-Business Tip for Your Long-Term Success

top home business tip

You know this video will likely explain it all: But if it doesn’t answer everything for you, let’s continue the conversation right here. The truth is that there’s a lot of garbage out there in internet land.  A lot of BS.  And a a lot of posers.  And unfortunately if you’re just getting started out […]

A Commitment to Momentum


Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedYou know, it’s not so much about working hard as it is letting life work hard for you! Perhaps you’ve heard the business principle that goes along similar lines: “Don’t work hard for your money, make your money work hard for you.” It’s solid advice in a […]

Different – And Damn Proud!

Different and Damn Proud

You know, it always was a travesty growing up and fearing the dreaded “D” word: Different. Do you remember? You were supposed to fit into a certain category that others could recognize and define, that you yourself could reference if your identity ever got questioned.  And even if you were “alternative” in dress, taste, or style – […]

Cutting Big Corners In Life

cutting big corners

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedWhat happens when you go out to a restaurant and get something to eat? Do you get the full monty, or just the spaghetti and red sauce? Or maybe you get the ribeye steak and seafood.  The creme brulee and cappuccino and give the serve a big […]

The Only Kind of Posture That Matters


When you look around the business industry, whether it’s network marketing, corporate structures, or real estate, one thing stands out above all else: Posture. You see, posture is the primary determining factor in whether or not you exert influence over a situation.  And how much influence you exert over a situation will ultimately determine your […]

On the Mountaintop


Funny thing, this thing called success. If you look around you right now, you’ll start to notice that everything has meaning, everything represents something greater than just itself.  It’s that fact that signifies your entrance into greatness. As you look around you’ll see the objects of your life, the bookshelves (the books on them), the […]