The Bow and Arrow In Your Business

This is fascinating, mostly because it’s seldom discussed in business.

Going within is far more profitable than going without.  Unfortunately, we’re all pretty much taught that we must push and push and push in order to be successful in our endeavors, whatever they might be.  The idea that tapping into an “invisible” internal resource could be more beneficial than simply taking outright action is difficult for some to comprehend.

And that is because of how we’ve been trained.

We’ve been taught that this is a world of results, and that the only way to achieve results is through action.  And while this is true, action is important,  it neglects mentioning the origins of effective action:


Let’s be real.  Anyone can take action.  Anyone can jump into a body of water and flail wildly.  It doesn’t make it effective.  Rather, the strategy and understanding of the action in the context of the water (or the world) is what ultimately dictates the effectiveness.

To use another metaphor, think of a bow and arrow.  The bow represents your mind and the arrow your action.  Now, we could take any object and simply hurl it out into space, but it’s effect would be exponentially diminished  when compared to using a leveraged instrument like a bow.  And that’s just what your mind is:

A leveraged instrument.

If you have a superficial relationship with your inside world, then your  outside world will reflect that.  It too will be superficial and ultimately unfulfilling.  But if you do pull that string of that bow back, if you pull your thoughts of what’s possible and how far you can stretch beyond your comfort zone, then when you take action and release your potential on the world, when you make your dreams kinetic, then at that point of release your arrow, your action will soar far beyond the average and into greatness.

Same instrument, same mental apparatus, same outside world, but YOU changed.  You made a decision to go deep and stretch.  And because of that everything else changed.


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